Marussia B3 '10





Skoda Ago EXPO Taxi is an experimental taxi concept designed by Maxim Shershnev
in team with Tigran Lalayan. The concept was developed at Scuola Politecnica di
Design (SPD) in Milan during the Master Course in Transportation and Car
Design 2011/12 held in collaboration with Volkswagen Group Design.
The workshop was reflecting on transportation issues related to the
upcoming World EXPO in 2015, supposed to attract 130 participating
countries and about 20 million visitors. Concept based on the Skoda brand is an ecological
micro-car taxi. Beyond concentrating on the design of this car concept, taking up
key elements of the Skoda brand identity and aspects related to
innovation, ecology and flexibility, the students team has developed ideas
related to the services such as online booking, comfortable lounge areas
in the airports / train stations and a separate entrance to the fair.

Photos by: Richard Pardon